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We are a new production company in Southern California.  We produce character driven films in a variety of genre that embrace the human spirit and promote good will, while provide quality entertainment.

We are interested in green  producing and potential partnerships with green industry.

Three Tuxedos Films, LLC is an independent production company formed with the goal of producing films of different genre using green film-making techniques whenever possible and promoting environmental awareness and conservation.


When a local cop goes undercover in a dance club, he is swept into a vortex of love, lies corruption and murder and he must defend his job, his reputation and ultimately his life.

Based on the novel " Heaven "by Alistair Canlin with film / TV adaption by Tom Swanston



Tom Swanston is a decorated  writer and producer with awards both in New York and Cannes with 15 years experience  in the industry.   He has worked with A-list talent such as Kelsey Grammer ( Frasier ) and has sold productions to BBC, HBO and Netflix. The latest film adaption by  Tom, is about the current worlds strongest man ( Eddie Hall )which has achieved a 5 star rating on Netflix

Alistair Canlin

Alistair is a  writer who has been involved in different genres for novels, short stories, film scripts and full length screenplays.  He feels that with each new genre, a little of who he is, his character comes out in the writing . The sort stories are dark and experimental, the novels are more crime driven,  while his scripts seem to convey a softer message almost a more soppy feeling.

Tom also ran his own distribution business and worked in senior commercial  roles for international broadcasters Viasat and Viacom (MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Paramount.

He is the co founder to the Ring Of Peace not for profit organization devoted to promoting peace through education and communication

He has had short stories published in both Britain and America.  His writing career now seems to be moving forward  in a more exciting direction, and after years of hard work and dedication many of his projects are coming to fruition.  His ambition is to be the best he can in all genres, whether being a novelist, a script writer or even a short story writer, either way he is very much enjoying the journey.


Susan Williamson


Susan Williamson

Susan is a new producer who has always liked independent and foreign films for their individuality and artistic quality , and is excited to become part of the film community.

Also an advocate of the environment and animal and human rights, she seeks to embrace Green Production and supports numerous charities.


Susan Sontag

In good films there is always a directness  that entirely frees us from the itch to interpret

Orson Welles

A film is never really any good unless the camera is an eye in the head of the poet

Roger Ebert

Every great film should seem new every time you see it 


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